FJÄLL — Freedom to roam

The freedom to roam (‘Allemansrätten’ in Swedish) is the universal right to access public or privately owned land, forests, lakes and rivers.

Today, this right has survived in perhaps its purest form in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Visit Sweden put it best:

“The freedom to roam is the principle, protected by the law, that gives all people the right to roam free in nature. Sleep on mountaintops, by the lakes, in quiet forests or beautiful meadows. Take a kayak out for a spin or experience the wildlife firsthand. Pick berries and mushrooms and flowers from the ground – all completely free of charge. The only thing you have to pay, is respect for nature and the animals living there.”

In other words, leave only footsteps.

For us, the rough, exposed highland terrain of the far northern borderlands – some of the last remaining wilderness in Europe – make for arguably the most spectacular trails. That’s why our latest fragrance is designed not only to reflect this unique Scandinavian freedom, but also nature at its wildest.

It’s a chronicle of journeys into those highlands, foraging for herbs and berries, and hiking heather-lined trails above the tree line with only the stars for company.

Roam free with us.

Discover our Fjäll collection

FJÄLL Scent Diffuser
€ 49,00
FJÄLL Scented Candle
€ 39,00
FJÄLL Hand Cream
€ 23,00
FJÄLL Hand Cream
€ 23,00
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