We haven’t come this far to only come this far

How are we dealing with the corona crisis? By staying open and following Danish guidelines. 

In Denmark, while our office staff now work from home, our warehouse is open, our freight partners continue to operate, and the country is not in a strict lockdown compared to countries like France, Spain and Italy. This means our web shop operations are running almost as normal.

In other words, we receive the orders during the day and process them for fulfilment before midday the following day. On a practical basis, our Danish warehouse staff are rotating shifts so each person works safely alone packing orders.

One unexpected benefit is that the delivery-to-door option is now more relevant than ever, given I expect many of you are already climbing the walls at home. Just tell the UPS guy to leave it on the doorstep if he looks dodgy (I am told he shouldn’t).

Please be aware, however, some UPS delivery times may take longer than usual due to changing territory restrictions and border controls so we do recommend you order in advance. In a limited number of parts of Italy there are no delivery services at all, so for people in these regions you will be unable to process your order on this site until the situation changes.

So, that’s all the practicals, words we never expected to write.

I’ll sign off by saying the corona crisis is a huge threat to businesses large and small, just as it is a huge threat to the health of humanity. As a small, independent business with hand washes and soaps in our portfolio we took the decision to reduce the prices of these items – and our entire Original Collection – while also improving our shipping rates in order to give our European customers better relevant value and delivery-to-door options while the lockdown is in place.

We’ll do all this with a smile on our face and a tongue in our cheek. Because how else should it be done. 

Stay safe, buy responsibly.

Shaun & the team

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