Design inspiration from Scandinavia

We visit 10 interior bloggers and uncover their fine interior design details and how they have styled their own Skandinavisk products.

At Skandinavisk, we tell fragrance stories from Scandinavia which are designed to leave a lighter footprint. But we also design fragrances that will look beautiful in your home, the soft colours combined with the scent for you to create a personal space.

References to nature are often a vital part of Scandinavian interior design. Combined with functionality, minimalism and timeless design, personal touches and details make Scandinavian decor anything but boring.

Styling RO

RO is the Scandinavian word for ‘tranquility’. Peace, calm and tranquility from the kingdoms of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. A small word with great meaning shared by all three Scandinavian languages.


A home filled with HYGGE

HYGGE is the Danish word for ‘cosiness’. A word with no direct translation but with infinite meaning, and a reflection of the Scandinavian art of creating intimacy, fellowship and cosiness in the smallest everyday moments.


Island solitude with ØY

’Island solitude’ harks back to our early days of exploring glittering Scandinavian waterways under sail, of archipelagos akin to giant’s stepping stones, navigating with no fixed destination, and encountering rocky shadows to escape upon.

A memoir of gliding through the shallows, bow gently coming to rest on the pebbly shore, the slippery touch of damp rock moss underfoot, and the fragrant green embrace of gnarled crabapple and dog rose.


Creating a sanctuary with KOTO

KOTO is the old Finnish word for ‘home’. Home, hjem, hem. A sanctuary from the rugged Nordic climate, an intimate space to hibernate and refresh the soul.


Freedom of the FJÄLL

FJÄLL is the Swedish word for ‘highland’. In Scandinavia, the freedom to roam (‘allemansrätten’ in Swedish) is the universal right to access and enjoy public or privately owned land, forests, lakes and rivers on the simple condition only footsteps are left behind.

Our new FJÄLL home fragrance is a celebration of such human freedom and natural scale. It’s a chronicle of journeys into the highlands and wildernesses along the remote northerly borders, foraging for herbs and berries, and hiking heather-lined trails above the tree line with only the stars for company.


Love and LEMPI

LEMPI is the old Finnish word for ‘love’. In Finland there is an old saying that goes ‘love doesn’t have to be perfect, but genuine’. The same can be said of a Nordic summer, its hopes and its treasured warmth shared.


Your own sense of LYKKE

LYKKE is the Danish word for ‘happiness’. Often recognised as the world’s happiest nation, the secret to Danish happiness is found in life balance, connection to nature, and of living in the moment.


The calm of the SKOG

SKOG is the Swedish and Norwegian word for ‘forest’. Boreal forests cover over half the Scandinavian lands, stretching from the southernmost county of Sweden to the Arctic Circle.


Styling HAV

HAV is the Scandinavian for ‘sea’. The waters of the Arctic, North Atlantic and Baltic seas surround the Scandinavian region, forming some of the longest, wildest coastlines on earth.


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Kapitel 4, 50ml
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LYKKE Scented Candle
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HAV Hand & Body Lotion
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RO Scented Candle
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