What makes a great housewarming gift? 


What can you bring to make a housewarming party or hosted stay more cosy? We have a few ideas…

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Hostess gifts and housewarming presents aren’t always the easiest thing to buy, so we’ve sat down to think about what makes a really good one. According to Scandinavian tradition, there are three important things to bring to a housewarming: rye bread, to make sure that nobody goes hungry, salt so life has flavour, and wine so everybody is happy. 

We’d add another thing to that line up: something from Skandinavisk – and we’re not the only ones. Apartment Therapy agrees. In a story they wrote about housewarming gifts curated by Scandinavian design experts, they said: “Of course, you can’t beat a good ol’ candle to make a new place feel like home. The staff from Scandinavian Design Center recommend the brand Skandinavisk for its cozy, Nordic-inspired scents (think those found in deep, wooded forests and open landscapes) and minimalistic packaging.”

If you’re stumped as to where to start with our collection, take a look at our top six housewarming and hostess gifts, including perfume, candles and gift sets for men and women, as chosen by Skandinavisk’s Creative Director, Line Krüger.

1. HYGGE Scented Candle

“The gift of HYGGE? Of course you should bring that to a housewarming party. It’s an easy scent to fall in love with and one of our overall best selling fragrances. A close second for me would be KOTO, which has the fitting tagline ‘No place like home’.”

HYGGE Scented Candle
€ 42,00
KOTO Scented Candle
€ 42,00

2. Wood & Water Giftset

“This mini hand cream gift set is such an easy present, with four different mini hand creams in it. You can use it all over your body, not just on your hands, and it’s great for dry elbows and thirsty skin. Wood & Water tells the story of Scandinavia as well – a series of countries across land and sea, where nature is all important.” 

Wood & Water Giftset
€ 45,00
ØY Mini Hand Cream
€ 12,00

3. SKOG Scent Diffuser

“This one always takes me into nature. It’s our key fragrance – we always say that the story of Scandinavia starts in the forest.”

SKOG 200ml Scent Diffuser
€ 59,00
SKOG Scent Diffuser Refill
€ 39,00

4. Kapitel 4 Eau de Toilette

“This is my favourite of our EDTs, and works with our ØY fragrance. It’s unisex and has notes of crab apple, dog rose, water moss and green leaves.”

Kapitel 4, 50ml
€ 49,00
Kapitel 4, 30ml
€ 39,00

5. HAV hair care

“This one works every time. Suitable for all hair types, and the HAV scent takes me to the Nordic sea right away. I always use it myself and give it as a gift.”

HAV Shampoo
€ 29,00
HAV Conditioner
€ 35,00

6. FJORD Wash

“I use this fresh, clean scent a lot at home. It’s a great gift, especially for a sustainably-minded friend. Don’t forget to tell them that it’s responsibly produced with local Nordic active ingredients.”

€ 29,00
FJORD 200ml Scent Diffuser
€ 59,00

Gifting made simple

Discover all of Skandinavisk’s giftsets and gifting products on our Gifts page, or discover our scented candles, scent diffusers, hand and body care by category on our homepage. All Skandinavisk products are vegan, cruelty-free, as well as responsibly created and sustainably produced with organic and natural ingredients, so you can give a gift in the knowledge that it’s developed with the planet in mind.

In the end, all that matters is that your host is happy and you’ve found a way to bring hygge into their home as you celebrate together. Whether that’s with the warmth of a mini candle or the tradition of a loaf of bread, we know you’ll find a way to have fun together. 

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