Body + Soil

Five years since we last upgraded our personal care collection, we’re doing it again.

SKANDINAVISK new natural body care collection in 4 fragrances

At Skandinavisk we have a product philosophy, stolen from the tech industry, of ‘always in beta’. An understanding that anything good can still be improved once we’ve learned more. For the customer and for the planet.

Back in 2020, our next generation collection was our response to the lessons of our first B Corp certification process, and one of the main reasons our B Corp score jumped by over 30 points on recertification last year. 

This time around, we’ve made several more big improvements, such as adding locally sourced active ingredients to improve performance on the skin, increasing the amount of certified organic ingredients in all formulations, introducing our first organic hair care collection, introducing a more durable glass bottle option together with our first wash refill, switching all primary packaging to recycled materials, then refreshing everything in our new design aesthetic.

It’s a tribute to body & soil, to enhancing the performance of our collection on the skin while leaving an even lighter footprint on the earth.


Allow me to explain.

SKANDINAVISK natural hand and body care

We’ve moved our cosmetics production to Sweden and we’re sourcing Swedish rapeseed oil for its proven soothing skin protection properties. You’ll find it blended into all our new leave-on products, in our creams, lotions and conditioners. (It’s also the wax base for our scented candle collection).


We use the beta glucan extract from Swedish oat fibre to soothe, care for and moisturise skin and scalp in our washes and shampoos.


While betain from Nordic beets (sugar) is blended into our conditioners to reduce friction and help the hair shine.


All three locally sourced active ingredients can be found in our hair care collection. When combined with our certified organic ingredients, we’ve been able to improve performance for the hair while also improving our sourcing standards - a gap we’ve been working to close ever since we first introduced shampoos and conditioners in partnership with leading eco-hotel Villa Copenhagen in 2020. 

Natural and organic nordic cosmetics ingredients

Indeed, all our formulations now contain a majority of certified organic ingredients by volume (when excluding water, which cannot be classified as organic). Way higher than industry organic certifiers require.


In reducing our packaging footprint, we’ve moved to almost entirely recycled materials to avoid the incremental footprint of extraction: 98-100% recycled PE plastic for our new 500ml pump bottles (and now including partially recycled pumps); post-consumer recycled metal tubes for our two hand cream sizes; as well as FSC-certified packaging card from managed Swedish forests.


We’ve then gone one step further and poured our signature SKOG forest scent into 200ml glass pump bottles to create an enduring design piece that can be reused time and again by topping up with our first ever 1 litre refill.

SKANDINAVISK Natural hand and body wash refill

We’ve chosen four of our most popular scents – SKOG, HAV, ØY, FJORD – for this new personal care collection, and we’ve wrapped everything up in our more sophisticated design aesthetic, initially revealed with our new diffusers last year. To give home and soul a sense of sustainable Scandinavian style.


The new collection is available here at and selected retailers worldwide.


Var så god






€ 29,00
ØY Shampoo
€ 29,00
HAV Hand Cream
€ 24,00
SKOG Wash Refill
€ 45,00
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