Spring cleaning at Skandinavisk

We’ve finally taken a bucket and paintbrush to our lovely courtyard offices two years after moving in, and we’re so proud of the result we thought we’d share it with you.

skandinavisk office

skandinavisk office

A sense of calm and natural drama

Our starting point was to create a calming atmosphere for all who visit, to bring the light in, and to bring people together in an informal, Scandinavian way. Lots of white walls and furniture, aided by a lot of windows and skylights, are the perfect Scandi template here.

For the decoration, we chose to use those walls to keep us all connected to the natural drama of Scandinavia by framing some of the spectacular landscape images we’ve captured on our travels. The walls also serve to give our collection a space to breathe and to help remind ourselves of why we’re all here.

skandinavisk office

skandinavisk office

On a more practical level, we combine height-adjustable tables from Swedish giant IKEA with the iconic Norwegian-designed Håg Capisco, a chair from the ‘70s inspired by horseback riding to help better posture. It’s the first-ever office chair to be awarded the prestigious Nordic Swan Ecolabel in recognition of its minimal environmental impact and majority use of recycled materials.

skandinavisk office

skandinavisk office

Looking for talent

Why are we telling you all this? It’s not just because we’re proud, it’s also because we’re always looking for new talent. So, if you believe in what we’re doing, in the benefits of a more Scandinavian approach to life, and would like to join us here, then send us a message to hej@skandinavisk.com.

In particular, we’re currently looking for passionate and curious people with experience in areas including ecommerce, online customer service, sales, and communication, plus we’ve also just started up a student intern program, so the opportunities at Skandinavisk are limited only by your ambition.

Those of you that just plan to visit Copenhagen simply for pleasure can visit our courtyard studio,which doubles as our flagship store. Find out more about it here.

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