For the pocket, the purse, and the planet

Introducing a new portable collection designed to keep you happy on all three fronts

For the pocket, for the purse, for your exposed skin.

We’ve just made more portable, 30ml versions of our hand creams.

They’re still made in Denmark with our unique vegan, natural and organic formula.

Plus, they’re also now in post-consumer-recycled-metal tubes (that’s a mouthful).

Perfect for on-the-go protection from weather like ours.

With a nod to helping protect the nature that generates such weather.

Just choose from five familiar fragrances: SKOG, FJORD, ØY, HAV or RO.

Still made in Denmark. Still vegan, organic and natural. Just smaller.

Discover Mini Hand Creams

€ 65,00
SEA Giftset
€ 39,00
SKOG Mini Hand Cream
€ 13,00
LAND Giftset
€ 39,00
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