How it all began

Skandinavisk founder Shaun Russell sits down with The Perfume Society to talk about how it all began.

Curious about the origins of Skandinavisk? You’re not the only one. Suzy Nightingale of The Perfume Society sat down with our founder, Shaun, for a chat about how the Skandinavisk journey began with candles and a love for Scandinavian nature and lifestyle.

Skandinavisk’s Kapitel 12 perfume on a shelf surrounded by Scandinavian books

​”I realised what the Nordic countries do share is a common approach to life, which has translated into one of the most successful, progressive, responsible societies on Earth,” he said.

“I was in this weird position where I’d probably experienced more of Scandinavia than most Scandinavians. The thing that unites them – this mentality and way they live, with a dominance of nature surrounding them – was the gold they overlooked.”

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The story of a scent: REGN

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