Home fragrances

Scent your home with fragrances inspired by Scandinavia.

Find our scents in scented candles, scent diffusers, and refills.

SKOG Home Mist
DKK 249,00
Golden HYGGE Scented Candle - Limited Edition
SKOG 100ml Scent Diffuser
DKK 319,00
SKOG Scented Candle
DKK 319,00
SKOG 200ml Scent Diffuser
DKK 449,00
SKOG Scented Candle Refill
DKK 199,00
SKOG Scent Diffuser Refill
DKK 299,00
SKOG Mini Scented Candle
DKK 169,00
SKOG Scented Candle & Refill Duo
Save 11%
DKK 459,00
SKOG Scent Diffuser & Refill Duo
ØY Scented Candle
DKK 319,00
ØY 200ml Scent Diffuser
DKK 499,00