All the drama of the fjord

Experience the heights and depths of Norway’s sheer-sided fjords, a fertile land of orchards, steep forests and deep water, carved by the movement of glaciers. Our popular fragrance FJORD celebrates the scent of this bold and dramatic landscape, paired with an underlying softness. Open your senses to the majesty of the fjords.

FJORD Scented Candle
€ 42,00
FJORD Hand Cream
€ 25,00
FJORD 200ml Scent Diffuser
€ 59,00
FJORD Hand Wash
€ 29,00
FJORD Hand & Body Lotion
€ 35,00
FJORD Mini Scented Candle
€ 24,00
FJORD Body Wash
€ 20,00
FJORD Scented Candle Refill
€ 29,00
FJORD Scent Diffuser Refill
€ 39,00
FJORD Mini Hand Cream
€ 13,00
€ 65,00
FJORD Scented Candle & Refill Duo
FJORD Scent Diffuser & Refill Duo