Midnight embers

TAKKA 90g Scented Candle

    • Savour the smokey warmth of a Scandinavian fireplace
    • Scent notes: hacked pine and haysmoke, raw wool and rolling tobacco
    • 90g Swedish rapeseed wax candle. 20 hours
€ 32,00
TAKKA 90g Scented Candle TAKKA 90g Scented Candle
€ 32,00
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  • Sustainably farmed and non-GMO Swedish rapeseed wax blended with essential oils, safe synthetic fragrances and a pure cotton wick. Vegan and cruelty free blend.

  • Partially-recycled and dishwasher-proof painted glass produced in the EU with metals-free water dyes. FSC-certified beechwood lid and packaging card from managed EU forests, with natural colour dyes.

  • Place candle on lid when lit to help protect from sensitive surfaces, and use the lid as a snuffer to extinguish the flame.

    Let the candle burn long enough to allow the wax melt pool to reach the edges of the glass (2-3 hours). Trim the wick to 0,5 after each burn to allow an equal burn of the wax. Leave 0,5 cm of unmolten wax at the bottom of the glass.

    Reuse with tealights or for storage.

  • Scandinavian sourcing & production. Vegan & cruelty-free. FSC-certified packaging. Provenance® ensures that every sustainability claim comes with proof. If a Proof Point is Verified, it’s been backed up by a third party independent body. If it’s Evidenced, it’s not third party verified just yet, but we’ve shared our own data to support it.

  • takka-90g-scented-candle
    Scent notes

    Hacked pine and haysmoke, raw wool and rolling tobacco.

    [ˈt̪ɑkːɑ] Finnish for ‘fireplace’

    The magnetic pull of the hearth, the crackle of kindling as the fire takes hold, the smoky notes of burning logs and the glow of faces mesmerised by the flames.