Welcome home

Scandinavians excel at creating a welcoming sanctuary at home. Our bestselling fragrance evokes the idea of a home that is lived in and loved, with a warmth and cosiness along with a strong, minimalist style. Open your senses to the relaxation and welcome of a pared-back, perfectly balanced Scandinavian home.

KOTO Scented Candle
NOK 459,00
KOTO 200ml Scent Diffuser
NOK 599,00
KOTO Scented Candle Refill
NOK 279,00
KOTO Scent Diffuser Refill
NOK 399,00
KOTO Mini Scented Candle
NOK 249,00
KOTO Scented Candle & Refill Duo
Save NOK 39
NOK 699,00
KOTO Scent Diffuser & Refill Duo
Save NOK 49
NOK 949,00
NOK 699,00