Hand & Body Lotion

Our Hand & Body Lotions are formulated to moisturise and protect all skin types. They come in 5 of our most popular fragrances for a gentle and luxurious moment of self-care.

Responsible formulations

Produced in Denmark with our own organic, natural and vegan formula. The unique blend contains five certified organic ingredients combined with Danish spring water and gentle fragrance.

Protection for the skin

Our Hand & Body Lotions are luxuriously moisturising and quick to absorb. They soothe and protect all skin types, reduce irritation, and keep skin hydrated.

Sustainable packaging

Our bespoke bottles are made from renewably farmed and recyclable bioplastics. The PP plastic pump is recyclable and produced in the EU.

Scandinavian scents

Our personal care fragrances are blended from natural essential oils and safe synthetic ingredients. They are available in several of our most popular fragrances including forest, marine and fjord scents. Discover them below!

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