Island solitude

ØY Scented Candle & Refill Duo

    • Enjoy cost savings on your favourite candle fragrance by ordering a refill with it
    • Scent notes: crabapple and dog rose, water mosses and green leaves
    • 2x 200g Swedish rapeseed wax candle and refill. 2x 50 hours
    • Product value: $74
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ØY Scented Candle & Refill Duo ØY Scented Candle & Refill Duo
Save 12%
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  • Sustainably farmed and non-GMO Swedish rapeseed wax blended with essential oils, safe synthetic fragrances and a pure cotton wick. Vegan and cruelty free blend.

  • Partially-recycled and dishwasher-proof painted glass produced in the EU with metals-free water dyes. FSC-certified beechwood lid and packaging card from managed EU forests, with natural colour dyes. Plus boxed rapeseed wax refill block.

  • 1. Once the candle is finished, warm the empty glass to melt the residual wax. Check the glass does not have any cracks.

    2. Wipe out the inside of the glass to remove any residual wax. If using water, avoid residual wax entering the drains.

    3. Insert your candle refill into the cleaned glass.

    4. Light and enjoy the fragrance.

    WARNING: Skandinavisk's candle refills are designed for use in our 200g candle glasses. Candle refills must be put into the glass before you light them. Failure to do so could cause injury or fire.

  • Provenance® ensures that every sustainability claim comes with proof. If a Proof Point is Verified, it’s been backed up by a third party independent body. If it’s Evidenced, it’s not third party verified just yet, but we’ve shared our own data to support it.

  • oy-candle-refill-duo
    Scent notes

    Crabapple and dog rose, water mosses and green leaves.

    [’øːʏ] Norwegian for ‘island’

    Hundreds of thousands of uninhabited islands glitter like stars upon the lakes and seas of Scandinavia, inviting explorers to pull up and rest awhile.

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