Voices 05


    The fifth edition of our annual Voices journal. This year our focus is on four individuals who see life through a different lens, who have taken the brave decisions many envy, and who dare to live their dreams. They inspire us for the paths they have chosen, the boundless energy they possess, and for the sense of Scandinavia they each carry inside.

    It’s also an update on our own journey of awakening, both social and environmental. We go behind the scenes once more, share some industry secrets, our own actions as employers and producers, and reveal what’s to come from Skandinavisk in 2022.

Voices 05 Voices 05
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  • voices-05

    17 x 24 cm

    102 pages


    The paper is FSC marked and guarantees that every company involved in the manufacture of the product uses wood from sustainable sources; helping conserve and protect forests, wildlife, and people.

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