What we did and what we plan to do next

Reviewing our progress so far and looking ahead to what comes next

Dear European friends,

It’s been another strange year for everyone, but there’s hope on the horizon and we’re excited about what 2022 holds.

From our side, we continued to evolve our thinking about the purpose of our business and chose to reduce the number of short-term sale periods, instead focusing on delivering continuous value to our most loyal customers. Like you. Happily, a good number of you have responded.

Everyday essentials

Our improved subscription service was launched in the spring with a focus on everyday essentials like our washes and lotions, and giving regular customers complete freedom to define their order, change its contents or frequency of delivery at any time, and cancel without penalty. For this freedom, we give each subscriber up to 20% off our regular prices, free shipping, and a free gift in every delivery.

You might ask; why on earth would we do this?

Fair point. I don’t see many others doing it in our industry either, so perhaps it doesn’t make sense.

Rewarding loyalty

But, for us, it is far more rewarding to service a regular customer than to constantly chase after more predatory bargain hunters during times like Black Friday, summer or winter sales. That’s not to say that we will stop sales completely, it’s just that any future one-off deal from Skandinavisk will never be as attractive as our subscription service.

Plus, there’s an environmental benefit to it too as your orders are delivered straight from our warehouse to your door, thus cutting out all incremental transport emissions. Another small step toward leaving a lighter footprint.

New beginnings

OK, pitch over, now let me tell you what we’ve got planned. 

And, without completely giving the game away, it involves a new home fragrance in February inspired by something very common in places like Bergen, it’s followed by a boreal eau de toilette spray (yes, it’s coming), our first organic skincare product, and the autumn return of two previous fragrance favourites.

Intrigued? If you bothered reading this far on New Year’s Eve, then you must be!

Happy New Year from all of us at Skandinavisk.


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