Midsummer in Scandinavia

Midsummer is a celebration of the magical midpoint of summer. Find out how we celebrate the festival in Scandinavia.

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peachy roses


The story of a scent: ROSENHAVE

Discover the story and ideas behind our most popular floral scent ROSENHAVE, and the delight of the Nordic rose.

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Celebrating pride in Scandinavia

Freedom has always been an important state of mind in Scandinavia, and that includes the freedom to be yourself.

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island on the water


The story of a scent: ØY

The islands of Scandinavia provided the inspiration for our fragrance ØY. Discover the key notes of this fresh fragrance and our love of island life.

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a deep love of the forest thumbnail


A deep love of the forest

In developing our newest fragrance, we wanted to go back to our roots, quite literally. Breathe deeply and join us in the tranquil space of the forest.

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Five things you don’t know about the Norwegian fjords thumbnail


Dreaming of the fjords

One of our scent inspirations, the Norwegian fjord is one of the natural wonders of the world. Discover five things you didn’t know about them right here.

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floating bliss thumbnail


The hyggelig houseboat hotel

KAJ is neither a houseboat nor a hotel, it’s something in between. Meet Barbara and Toke and discover their houseboat hotel, floating on a Copenhagen canal.

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Is natural nirvana? thumbnail


Is natural nirvana?

What is a natural cosmetic product and why does it matter? Skandinavisk founder Shaun Russell dives a little deeper into the world of ingredients.

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Courtyard studio


Welcome to our Courtyard Studio

Discover our Courtyard Studio, Skandinavisk’s flagship brand store hidden in a cosy corner of central Copenhagen in leafy courtyard beneath our head office.

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forest in fog


Balancing darkness and light

The changing seasons and shifting patterns of day and night define what it is to live in Scandinavia. The twice-yearly equinox is one of the most special times of year.

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RO scented candle


Guide: How to burn a candle

Is there really a right way to burn a candle? Yes! Discover how to get the best of your Skandinavisk candle right here.

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Skandinavisk office


Spring cleaning at Skandinavisk

How we refreshed the look and feel of our head office in Copenhagen. Plus: what to do if you’re interested in working for us.

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Are your heroes also fake? thumbnail


Are your heroes also fake?

What are hero ingredients and why do they matter? We take a look at whether those hero ingredients deliver all they promise...

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To be or not to be thumbnail


To B or not to B?

When we started down the road to certify Skandinavisk as a B Corp, we didn’t expect that it would change the whole way we run our business.

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When is a cosmetic product truly organic?thumbnail


When is a cosmetic truly organic?

When lack of regulation, industry definitions, optional certification, marketing and misinformation combine, the result can be confusion that is bad for both soil and skin.

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woman in the jacket


Anna the adventurer

Join English adventurer Anna Blackwell exploring the mountains, lakes and wilderness of Arctic Scandinavia. It’s a place of great inspiration, for her and for us.

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Glass vs. Plastic thumbnail


Glass vs. plastic

Does glass mean good? Does plastic mean bad? Learn more about the environmental footprint of the materials and our take on utilising them.

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People standing with Christmas tree


A Swedish Christmas

How do Swedes celebrate Christmas? Niki Brantmark of MyScandinavianHome interviews her husband about his favourite Christmas traditions.

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Do you know what you're burning? thumbnail


What are you burning?

What’s the best wax to use for your candle and for the environment? Skandinavisk founder Shaun Russell looks at the options.

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