Balancing darkness and light

Why is equinox so important to the people of Scandinavia?

The changing of the seasons defines what it means to live in Scandinavia. As the nature of the seasons change drastically and dramatically, fading in and out of one another, in a way that does not exist in the same way elsewhere in the world, we as a people change as well. From the clarity and calm of stepping onto crisp new snow, to the warming of our cheeks from the high summer sun, to the nourishment of the spring fog and rain, each season brings with it an energy that affects our everyday lives and the way we act as a community.

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The ultimate balance

The seasons change because Earth is constantly moving relative to the sun, and twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn, we experience the perfect instance in time when the sun crosses the celestial equator, leaving day and night at exact equal lengths. Equinox. It is the ultimate balance between darkness and light — or as we prefer — KOTO and LEMPI. KOTO is the old Finnish word for ‘Home’, and likewise LEMPI is the old Finnish word for ‘Love’.

The experience of the autumnal equinox is bittersweet for us in Scandinavia. It marks the last moment in time for half a year when the days are longer than the nights. It is a time where many, naturally, seek the warmth of their homes and the company of loved ones. Our relationship with light changes, too. In summer, we dance in the midnight sun and swim in a sea of glittering reflections of the sun. In winter, we seek candlelight, light our fireplaces, and hang twinkling string lights around our homes.

So, why is equinox so important to the people of Scandinavia? It simply marks the change of an individual and a collective mindset, it is a celebration of what was and what is to come, a tribute to the love for our home.

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