We’re donating our profits

(UPDATED: August 2022)

It’s impossible to absorb the shock and enormity of what is currently happening in Ukraine.

An all-out military assault and invasion of a peaceful European country by a paranoid dictator hasn’t occurred since 1939.

The decades of stability in Europe are no longer and we, like many businesses and private individuals around the world, feel compelled to do our bit to help the Ukrainian people defend themselves and receive the humanitarian aid they desperately need.

Yellow and blue Skandinavisk products for Ukraine

Our donations:

In February, we donated 2% of our February income (around half our profits).

In March, we donated 100% of the profits of our blue ØY fragrance and yellow LYKKE fragrance. 

In April we donated months’ worth of personal care products to several Ukrainian families arriving in a municipality north of Copenhagen and being housed by the council.

Through May and June, we supplied several Ukrainian refugees in Denmark with free items to help them settle in to their new home.

In late summer, we have worked with the City of Copenhagen to recruit a Ukrainian refugee to join our team, a fantastic designer named Polly, and hope to be able to welcome more in the future.

The work is not over. We are here to help and committed to making a difference.

Thank you for reading,

All of us at Skandinavisk

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