Scent Diffuser Refill

Enjoy up to 3 more months of your favourite diffuser fragrance with our refills. Learn more about each of their features and what makes them more sustainable.

Non-alcohol blend

Our new diffuser liquid is a more sustainable, plant-based solvent base that avoids the use of alcohol, making it safer to transport and enjoy at home.

Performance reeds

Each diffuser comes with eight high-performance reeds for a scent diffusion of up to 3 months. The more reeds used in the diffuser, the stronger the scent.

Familiar Scandinavian scents

Our new Scent Diffuser refills are available in 8 of our most popular fragrances. Each will gently scent a regular room for around 3 months.

Sustainable packaging

Our refills are contained in recycled plastic (rPET) bottles. The packaging box is made from FSC-certified card from managed Swedish forests with natural colour dyes.

How to use

It’s really simple; just pour the refill liquid carefully into the original diffuser glass, replace the reeds, then rinse and recycle the empty refill bottle. Make sure to avoid spillage when pouring to not waste any liquid!