Skandinavisk collection


Knowing to take the leap

Founder Shaun Russell discusses how doubling down on our business purpose through hard times is vindicated by our B Corp recertification result.

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New SKANDINAVISK hand, hair and body care collection


Body + Soil

How we have upgraded our whole hand, hair and body care collection to make it more natural, organic and local to the Nordic region, and more environmental-friendly.

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The story of a scent: REGN


The story of a scent: REGN

Discover the delights of Nordic rain, with our limited edition scented candle REGN, perfumed with the evocative, romantic and refreshing scents of misted peony and slippery cobblestones.

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Hand on the skin


The perfect winter hand care routine

Discover how to protect your skin through harsh winter weather and plunging temperatures, with advice on how to nourish your hands and keep your skin supple.

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The skandinavisk guide to copenhagen


The Skandinavisk Guide to Copenhagen

All the best bits of the city, as chosen by the Skandinavisk team. Explore the city with us and find your way to local-approved shopping streets, restaurants, bakeries and art galleries.

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Bird footprints on snow


The Skandinavisk Winter Swimming Club

Join us on experiencing the thrill of a freezing cold dip in Copenhagen harbour on a wintry morning. It's a sure fire way to start the day with a buzz...

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The story of a scent: KOTO


The story of a scent: KOTO

Discover the story behind our take on the KOTO, our grounding, warming and comforting home fragrance evoking the idea of a home that is lived in and loved.

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Huit Cover


From words to actions

In an exclusive essay written for Hiut Denim’s Yearbook 6, Shaun Russell looks at the importance of turning words into actions, and what happens when you do.

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scented candles seasonal


Defining the scent of winter in Scandinavia

From the glory of the great outdoors to the cosiness of home, discover Skandinavisk’s key winter candle scents.

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JUL, the scent of Christmas in Scandinavia


The story of a scent: JUL

Discover the story behind our take on the classic Scandinavian Christmas, with notes of baked gingerbread, winter cloves, spiced oranges and mulled wine.

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Christmas presents under the tree


The Skandinavisk ChristmasGift Guide

Discover gifts for all your family, friends, and all the hard-to-buy-for people in your life with our Christmas gift guide.

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A red house in Sweden in the snow at Christmas


The magic of a Scandinavian Christmas

Discover the rituals, myths and magic of a Scandinavian Christmas.

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frosted berries on a bush in winter


The best scented candles for Christmas

Discover the scents of a Scandinavian Christmas with the Skandinavisk Christmas candle collection.

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Picture of rocky mountain in Scandinavia


The story of a scent: FJÄLL

Our fragrance FJÄLL is a celebration of the freedom to roam – Allemansrätten – found in Scandinavia, meaning you can explore nature wherever you want.

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Scented candle refills


Refilling a sense of Scandinavia

Shaun Russell on the circuitous journey taken to develop and create Skandinavisk’s new scented candle refills.

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A scented candle from Skandinavisk


How to use your scented candle refill

Follow our guide to get the best out of your new Skandinavisk scented candle refill and help us on a mission to leave a lighter footprint.

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Hygge, the scent of Scandinavia


The story of a scent: HYGGE

What does hygge smell like? Introducing one of our bestselling fragrances, the scent of cosiness, comfort, intimacy and fellowship.

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Exterior image of the beautifully restored Villa Copenhagen hotel


Hotels & haircare

Away from home but missing your Skandinavisk products? We’ve got news for you. Skandinavisk is now stocked in these hotels, restaurants and offices too!

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Northern lights or aurora borealis


Chasing the Northern Lights

Laura Hall voyages in search of the northern lights across Iceland and Arctic Norway and finds that the third time’s the charm.

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Glamping tents in a Swedish field


Reflections on a trip to Skåne

As Skandinavisk celebrates its 10-year anniversary, Laura Hall looks back at an idyllic few days in Sweden when the sun shone and a love of Scandinavia bloomed.

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The next gen collection of Skandinavisk products


If you want to go far, go together

Shaun introduces the B Corp Beauty Coalition, a group of trailblazing B Corp beauty firms making positive change together.

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Crushing wave in a blue sea


The story of a scent: HAV

With notes of beach rose and hawthorn from the shoreline, HAV celebrates the scent of the Scandinavian seas, from the Baltic, North and Norwegian seas up to the Arctic Ocean.

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Moon in the grey/pink sky


The story of a scent: RO

A small word with great meaning shared by all three Scandinavian languages, RO means tranquility. Discover the story of the scent here.

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Hand holding white roses


The smell of snow

Inspired by the landscapes of the far north, an enterprising couple set out to capture Scandinavia’s story through scent. Read the Rakes Progress take on Skandinavisk.

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Tent in the forest


A glamping guide to Scandinavia

What's so special about glamping in Scandinavia? It's all about finding luxury in nature, as you'll find out here...

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Midsummer in Scandinavia

Midsummer is a celebration of the magical midpoint of summer. Find out how we celebrate the festival in Scandinavia.

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peachy roses


The story of a scent: ROSENHAVE

Discover the story and ideas behind our most popular floral scent ROSENHAVE, and the delight of the Nordic rose.

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Celebrating pride in Scandinavia

Freedom has always been an important state of mind in Scandinavia, and that includes the freedom to be yourself.

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island on the water


The story of a scent: ØY

The islands of Scandinavia provided the inspiration for our fragrance ØY. Discover the key notes of this fresh fragrance and our love of island life.

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Hostess and housewarming gifts from Skandinavisk and Scandinavia


Unwrapping the housewarming gift

What makes a great housewarming or hostess gift? We take a look at Scandinavian traditions and ideas that bring a little signature hygge to the party.

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a deep love of the forest thumbnail


A deep love of the forest

In developing our newest fragrance, we wanted to go back to our roots, quite literally. Breathe deeply and join us in the tranquil space of the forest.

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Five things you don’t know about the Norwegian fjords


Dreaming of the fjords

One of our scent inspirations, the Norwegian fjord is one of the natural wonders of the world. Discover five things you didn’t know about them right here.

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floating bliss thumbnail


The hyggelig houseboat hotel

KAJ is neither a houseboat nor a hotel, it’s something in between. Meet Barbara and Toke and discover their houseboat hotel, floating on a Copenhagen canal.

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A selection of Skandinavisk’s yellow and blue coloured products


We’re donating our profits

A note on how Skandinavisk is supporting Ukraine with profit donations and products in this particularly difficult time.

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A cold winter sea in Scandinavia


2021 in review

Shaun reviews the past year at Skandinavisk, highlighting its sustainability journey, and looks ahead to what’s next.

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Is natural nirvana? thumbnail


Is natural nirvana?

What is a natural cosmetic product and why does it matter? Skandinavisk founder Shaun Russell dives a little deeper into the world of ingredients.

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A candle and blanket on a bed, Scandinavian style


Design inspiration from Scandinavia

Ten interiors bloggers share their styling details and interior design tricks in calming scenes from their homes.

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forest in fog


Balancing darkness and light

The changing seasons and shifting patterns of day and night define what it is to live in Scandinavia. The twice-yearly equinox is one of the most special times of year.

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RO scented candle


Guide: How to burn a candle

Is there really a right way to burn a candle? Yes! Discover how to get the best of your Skandinavisk candle right here.

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Skandinavisk fragrance Kapitel 12 on a shelf of Scandinavian books


How it all began

Shaun sits down with The Perfume Society to talk about the origins of Skandinavisk and his love for Scandinavian nature and lifestyle.

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Skandinavisk mini hand creams


Our mini hand creams collection

Introducing five new stars to our collection: our mini hand creams. Designed to keep you, your pocket, your purse and the planet happy.

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Skandinavisk office


Spring cleaning at Skandinavisk

How we refreshed the look and feel of our head office in Copenhagen. Plus: what to do if you’re interested in visiting us.

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Are your heroes also fake? thumbnail


Are your heroes also fake?

What are hero ingredients and why do they matter? We take a look at whether those hero ingredients deliver all they promise...

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A man in a forest with headphones on


Building a sustainable business

Shaun joins Alessa Armenise, host of the Pretty Good Business podcast, to talk about the highs and lows of creating and running a sustainable business.

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To be or not to be thumbnail


To B or not to B?

When we started down the road to certify Skandinavisk as a B Corp, we didn’t expect that it would change the whole way we run our business.

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When is a cosmetic product truly organic?thumbnail


When is a cosmetic truly organic?

When lack of regulation, industry definitions, optional certification, marketing and misinformation combine, the result can be confusion that is bad for both soil and skin.

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woman in the jacket


Anna the adventurer

Join English adventurer Anna Blackwell exploring the mountains, lakes and wilderness of Arctic Scandinavia. It’s a place of great inspiration, for her and for us.

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Glass vs. Plastic thumbnail


Glass vs. plastic

Does glass mean good? Does plastic mean bad? Learn more about the environmental footprint of the materials and our take on utilising them.

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People standing with Christmas tree


A Swedish Christmas

How do Swedes celebrate Christmas? Niki Brantmark of MyScandinavianHome interviews her husband about his favourite Christmas traditions.

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Do you know what you're burning?


What are you burning?

What’s the best wax to use for your candle and for the environment? Skandinavisk founder Shaun Russell looks at the options.

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Skandinavisk founder Shaun Russell on a scent tour of Scandinavia


Studying the abstract

Our journey into the undiscovered scent territory of Scandinavia has thrown up revelation upon revelation, and much more than just pine and snow...

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The Skandinavisk research and development team at work


No stone unturned

No palms, no bees, no virgins, no fossils, no stone left unturned: how we approached the creation of our new sustainable collection.

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Two men on a boat in a fjord in Scandinavia


Falling in love with Scandinavia

When did Scandinavia capture my soul? Shaun Russell muses on the way he fell in love with the region and discovered a deeply admirable way of life.

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Hardangerfjord in Norway, the site of a Skandinavisk scent tour


Voyages of discovery

Skandinavisk’s perfumer Stephane shares his journey of discovery in the uncharted waters of Scandinavian fragrance, during a journey to the Hardangerfjord.

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A forest with a road running through it


Understanding Scandinavia starts with the forest

More than half the Nordic lands lie beneath a dense canopy of trees. To wander in the forest is to experience a deep connection with nature. Discover our fragrance family SKOG.

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The Skandinavisk rose garden in Copenhagen


A rose garden in the city

Gardener and doctor Lene Russell reflects on fifteen years of growing hardy, perfume-rich Nordic roses in Scandinavia.

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Skandinavisk office


We haven’t come this far to only come this far

How is Skandinavisk dealing with the corona crisis? By staying open and following Danish guidelines.

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The next generation products from Skandinavisk


Consumer as criminal

How we consume is how we effect change in the world, says Skandinavisk founder Shaun Russell, with a call for considered consumption.

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icebergs in the Greenland Sea


Stay on the path

Noise will always distract, says Shaun Russell, but by keeping to the path and ignoring distractions, progress will be made. It’s time for the quieter voices to be heard.

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the new generation Skandinavisk collection


Welcome to the seven year itch

Exactly seven years after our launch, we changed everything. The fragrance approach, the formulae, the packaging. Everything.

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